About Us

About Us


We are INSPIRED, with BOLD concept and REFRESHING ideas to set the trend for the industry.
We are committed to providing professional consultancy, transforming refreshing designs into quality products and ever reliable after-sales service.


Company Profile

Novox understands that it is substantial to have in place the focus of the company, therefore there are four qualities that Novox is committed to providing – DURABILITY, INNOVATION, EFFICIENCY and RELIABILITY to ensure excellence in what we do.

Our Philosophy


In the harsh hospitality environment, durability and quality of products are of the utmost importance to operators. Having advanced technology is thus essential, which is why our factory invests in machineries and systems to ensure that only quality products are manufactured. This is further affirmed by our factory having the certification of ISO 9001:2008.


In addition to this, Novox has a specialized quality control team who does stringent checks from the time that raw materials are purchased, throughout the manufacturing process, and until the time that the goods are ready to be shipped. These checks include ensuring that the raw materials meet the required standards for safety and durability purposes, the protocols for production are being adhered to, as well as conducting tests for quality control.


Besides placing focus on the quality of our products, we also have dedicated designers to create banquet chairs and mobile live cooking stations exclusive only to us, taking each client’s venue to the next level.


Our sales team is readily available to attend to any queries. On top of that, we have our trustworthy team in each department to ensure efficient responses and deliveries are done.