“ This solid banquet table is able to withstand knocks during operation and in the harsh banquet environment. Another advantage is that the legs feature non-fallout glides, thus there was never any issue with missing glides. „
Resorts World Convention Centre

“ We use the Audrey chairs from the Royal Collection primarily for conducting seminars, and also for book-reading for children. We like the design and aesthetics of the chair as they are different from the traditional banquet chairs. The chairs are also light-weight, which makes operation easier and faster for our staff who are mostly ladies. As the resort is situated near the sea, the material (aluminium) used for this chair is an advantage as it does not rust. „
Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium

“ These bar chairs are easy to move around as they are lightweight. Guests enjoy sitting on these bar chairs as the seats and backrests are cushioned, unlike the usual bar chairs. „
Marina Bay Sands

“ The Novox front office cart is easy to operate and maneuver. The luggage cart is sturdy and can handle the heavy load of luggage especially since we operate a serviced apartment. The stainless steel polished finish of the tubing and the colour of the carpet complement the interior décor of the lobby and exude a touch of grandeur. The stainless steel washers at the bottom of the tubing prevent the carpet from fraying easily, as well as protecting the carpet from being stained by the polishing solution if dripped. „
Frasers Suites

“ We like the lazy susan because when they are placed in the centre, there is no further adjustment required as the glass is joined to the base. The glass is always centralized on the table. The design of the lazy susan is different from the clear glass which is commonly used. This gives us a good selling point as we are one of the first few banquets in the hospitality industry to start using such an extravagantly designed lazy susan. „
Traders hotel

“ The look of the meeting tables lends a modern vibe to the whole interior décor. Having tables that do not require the traditional coverage by table cloths made setting up the function rooms easier and faster. This also helps to save on laundry and linen costs. „
Marina Bay Sands

“ The best part about these chairs is that they do not require any chair covers, which makes turning over a ballroom quicker. The broader seats and wider backrest ensure maximum comfort for the guests. „
Grand Park Orchard