Gala Dance Panels

Dance-floor Material: Parquet (Oak)
Dimensions: 910 x 910 x 25mm
Weight: 18kg per panel
Locking mechanism: Gear-lock


  • Gear-lock uses reliable positive locking system
  • Do not rely on magnets or gravity to secure panels together
  • Gear-lock allows automatic alignment of panels together for quicker and locked fit
  • Only requires a half-turn Allen wrench to lock & unlock panels, reducing time and labour for set-up


  • Uses high quality parquet
  • High gloss surface coating for better protection of panel and aesthetics purposes
  • Ensures shape squareness is adhered to, which eliminates gaps between panels
  • All panels make full contact with floor, ensuring no problem of breakthrough
  • Protects the edges of each panel by using a sturdier aluminium, metal feature strip
  • Easier and faster set-up with standard sizes of 910mm x 910mm
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