Novox 2-Wheeled Banquet-Chair Trolley 10 Chairs
Novox 2-Wheeled Banquet-Chair Trolley Perspective
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Novox 5-Wheeled Banquet Chair Trolley


Request For Quote for Pricing
Request For Quote for Pricing

Elevate the way you transport and store your banquet chairs. Built for your operating staff to transport banquet chairs to your ballrooms or banquet halls in hotels, restaurants, and convention and conference centers, our trolley is constructed with both functionality and durability in mind.

With a robust steel construction, it effortlessly holds between 6 to 10 chairs, streamlining setup and take-down for all your events.

Let efficiency meet elegance, and experience the seamless solution to your chair storage needs.

: 37.5cm
Length : 85cm
Height : 117cm
Material : Steel
Capacity : 6-10 pieces
Tubing Size & Thickness : ø 25 x 2 mm
Product Code
: FB-BT-121-6S
Country of Origin
: China

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