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  • Good Design Organizing Holders for Your Hotel Room Complimentary Items

    Do you know what is the most popular complimentary item that gives the extra vibe of good service when guests stay into a hotel room? Most hoteliers may think it is their complimentary beverages and snacks including coffee or tea but to hotel guests, those are only the basic standard part of your in-room servicescape strategy. Find out here.
  • New Normal, New Possibilities of Hope for HORECA and MICE Industries

    As the economy progressively re-opens to new normal, hospitality industries not only need to think of public health safety management, but also new service innovations including integrating new concepts and co-invest in new assets with other entertainment industries to “miniaturizing” risks and maximizing potential. Find out more.
  • Enhancing your Digital Experience

    As part of our ongoing digital transformation efforts and commitment to give you positive experience, we have improved our website to enhance your digital experience with Novox Inc. to provide you with more value. Find out more.