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Novox Mobile Stage Front Opened
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Novox Portable Stage Riser

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Novox portable stage riser is a foldable stage designed to be a one-man operated unit with heavy-duty caster wheels, together with more efficient height-changing mechanism, which help save labor and time. This mobile stage come with multiple heights which can be easily set up and specifically designed for use at indoor events such as weddings, convocations, small-scale events and more, suitable for hotels or convention centers.

: • Carpeted surface for a classier look
• Softer feel
• Lesser noise when stepped on
Edge : • Vinyl coated steel edge banding
• Secures and protects stage deck
Velcro : • Velcro lines all sides for stage skirting
• Allows for quick and easy drape adjustment
• Adjustable drapes – full deck-to-floor coverage at all heights (drapes not included with stage)
Height Adjustment : • Catch-lock mechanism for easy changing of height
• Rotate green handle and adjust to desired height
Casters : • Heavy-duty caster wheels
• Do not leave marks on carpet surface
• All swivel casters for easy maneuvering from either side of stage (2 casters with brakes, 2 without brakes)
Hanging Device : • Lock stage sections together when in use
• Can be kept easily without using other tools
Safety Locking Strap & Mechanism : • Secures stage sections together when in storage position
• Stage will not unfold itself unless mechanism is unlocked
Legs Capping : • For protection of carpet
• Easier operation during stage set-up
Extendable Leg Height : • Tucked in and secured
• Will not swing out during transportation
• Legs are securely locked in place at 90 degrees when opened up for extended height
Carpeting Options
: See Carpeting Tab
Product Code
Country of Origin
: China

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Available Sizes for Mobile Stages
Stage Height Type
Feet (ft) & Inches (in)
Centimeters (cm)
488S 8in (H) x 4ft (W) x 8ft (D)
20 (H) x 122 (W) x 244 (D)cm
688S 8in (H) x 6ft (W) x 8ft (D) 20 (H) x 183 (W) x 244 (D)cm
4816S 16in (H) x 4ft (W) x 8ft (D) 41 (H) x 122 (W) x 244 (D)cm
6816S 16in (H) x 6ft (W) x 8ft (D)
41 (H) x 183 (W) x 244 (D)cm
4824S 24in (H) x 4ft (W) x 8ft (D) 61 (H) x 122 (W) x 244 (D)cm
6824S 24in (H) x 6ft (W) x 8ft (D) 61 (H) x 183 (W) x 244 (D)cm
4832S 32in (H) x 4ft (W) x 8ft (D) 81 (H) x 122 (W) x 244 (D)cm
6832S 32in (H) x 6ft (W) x 8ft (D) 81 (H) x 183 (W) x 244 (D)cm
481624S 16-24in (H) x 4ft (W) x 8ft (D)
41-61 (H) x 122 (W) x 244 (D)cm
681624S 16-24in (H) x 6ft (W) x 8ft (D)
41-61 (H) x 183 (W) x 244 (D)cm
482432S 24-32in (H) x 4ft (W) x 8ft (D)
61-81 (H) x 122 (W) x 244 (D)cm
682432S 24-32in (H) x 6ft (W) x 8ft (D) 61-81 (H) x 183 (W) x 244 (D)cm
483240S 32-40in (H) x 4ft (W) x 8ft (D) 81-101.6 (H) x 122 (W) x 244 (D)cm
683240S 32-40in (H) x 6ft (W) x 8ft (D) 81-101.6 (H) x 183 (W) x 244 (D)cm

Legend – H : Height, W : Width, D : Depth

Carpet Swatches
01 Gray (Standard)
Stage Carpet Swatch 1 Gray 05 Teal Stage Carpet Swatch 5 Teal
02 Dull Blue Stage Carpet Swatch 2 Dull Blue 06 Powder Black
Stage Carpet Swatch 6 Powder Black
03 Powder Blue Stage Carpet Swatch 3 Powder Blue 07 Black Stage Carpet Swatch 7 Black
04 Dark Blue
Stage Carpet Swatch 4 Dark Blue 08 Red Stage Carpet Swatch 8 Red

Download Specification Sheet of Novox Portable Stage.