Collection: Front Office Equipment

Elevate your hotel's front office with Novox® and Innov™ Front Office Equipment, the leading brands in high-quality front office equipment. From stylish luggage carts to unique designer queue poles/stanchions, our selection has everything you need to create a professional and inviting atmosphere for your guests. Check out our durable and stylish front office equipment that will enhance your hotel's aesthetic and functionality.
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  • Novox Luggage Cart 9124
    Novox Luggage Cart FO-LC-9124PS-BY Perspective
  • Innov Oriental Luggage Cart
    Innov Oriental Collection Luggage Cart Perspective 01
  • Novox Luggage Cart 9118
    Novox Luggage Cart FO-LC-9118PS-BY Perspective
  • Novox Luggage Cart 951
    Novox Luggage Cart FO-LC-951PS-PS Perspective
  • Novox Signage Stand 0067U
    Novox Signage FO-SS-0067U
  • Novox Signage Stand 8162U
    Novox Signage FO-SS-8162U
  • Innov Spiral Luggage Cart
    Innov Spiral Collection Luggage Cart Perspective 01
  • Novox Signage Stand 0066U
    Novox Signage FO-SS-0066U