Novox Laundry Basket HK-LB-001 Perspective

Novox HK-LB-001 Laundry Basket

Housekeeping Equipment

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The HK-LB-001 three-compartment has a sleek design for any
bathroom while foldable and light-weight for easy storage. Each compartment bag can be retrieve individually. Reliable for any hotel or service residence's bathroom.

Length : 65.5cm
Width : 39.5cm
Height : 20cm
Compartment Bag Length : 20cm
Compartment Bag Width : 35cm
Compartment Bag Depth/Height : 56cm
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Fabric Material
: Nylon
Frame Material : Aluminum
Tubing Thickness
: 15mm
Product Code
: HK-LB-001
Country of Origin
: China

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