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Novox® and Innov™ Hotel Luggage Carts — Novox Inc.'s luggage carts are perfect for any hotel, and can handle even the heaviest loads with ease. They are designed with adequate deck length and rubber caster wheels for quiet ride. With a variety of styles and colors to choose from, we have the perfect hotel luggage cart for your business.
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  • Novox Luggage Cart 9124
    Novox Luggage Cart FO-LC-9124PS-BY Perspective
  • Innov Oriental Luggage Cart
    Innov Oriental Collection Luggage Cart Perspective 01
  • Novox Luggage Cart 9118
    Novox Luggage Cart FO-LC-9118PS-BY Perspective
  • Novox Luggage Cart 951
    Novox Luggage Cart FO-LC-951PS-PS Perspective
  • Innov Spiral Luggage Cart
    Innov Spiral Collection Luggage Cart Perspective 01