Elevate Your Hotel Restaurant Experience with Designer Buffet Table Top Food Display Ware

For hotel restaurants and F&B hospitality settings aiming to provide an unforgettable experience, the buffet table top is more than just a functional space — it's a canvas for culinary art. To truly impress, consider adding designer food display ware to your collection. In this blog, we will guide you through why designer ware is a must-have and how you can seamlessly integrate it into your setup, based on your needs and style.

Why Choose Designer Buffet Table Top Food Display Ware?

Aesthetic Appeal

From marble serving plates to silver chafing dishes, designer pieces add a touch of luxury. Each piece is a style statement in itself, making your buffet table a focal point that guests will admire and remember.

Functionality Meets Design

When it comes to serving bowls, plates, or bread baskets, functionality is key. Designer ware offers not just style but also ergonomics, ensuring that your dishes remain at optimal temperatures while being visually appealing.

Durability and Quality

With renowned brands focusing on using materials like metal, ceramic, and glass, you can expect your serving dishes and platters to last, thus offering good value for your investment.

Types of Designer Display Ware to Consider

Chafing Dishes

Opt for stainless steel or silver chafing dishes that exude an aura of elegance. These dishes are perfect for keeping your hot servings at the right temperature.

Fruit Bowls and Bread Baskets

Consider fruit bowls or bread baskets made from materials like metal, and ceramic or food-safe glass. Their unique designs add a whimsical element to your table setup.

Innov Round Collection – Designer Fruit Bowl

Innov™ Round Collection – Designer Fruit Bowl / Holder

Serving Bowls and Plates

Glass and ceramic serving bowls and plates are ideal for salads and desserts. They allow the vibrant colors of your food to shine through.

Cake Stands and Serving Platters

Display your desserts on designer cake stands that are functional yet stylish. Coordinate these with serving platters that fit your overall theme.

Innov Curve Collection – Designer Cake Stand

Innov™ Curve Collection – Designer Cake Stand

Innov Arabic Collection – Designer Raisers / Serving Platters

Innov™ Arabic Collection – Designer Raisers / Serving Platters.

Trays and Additional Designer Table Top Items

Don’t overlook the importance of trays in your buffet setup. Whether made from brown wood or polished metal, trays are functional pieces that can also contribute to your aesthetic.

Innov Hexagon Collection – Designer Condiments Holders / Mini Shelf Storage

Innov™ Hexagon Collection – Designer Condiments Holders / Mini Shelf Storage

Choosing the Right Pieces

Theme, Material and Color Scheme

Stick to a consistent theme. Whether your establishment exudes white minimalism or more rustic, natural brown or grey tones, make sure to choose pieces that align with your existing décor.

Size and Dimensions

Always check the dimensions (cm) before adding items to your cart. Use filters on our website to find the perfect fit based on your table size.

Designer F&B Hospitality Experiences

In today's competitive F&B landscape, the right buffet table top food display ware can make or break the guest experience.

With a wide range of options from different brands, styles, and materials like ceramic, metal, and glass, making a choice can be overwhelming.

However, once you filter your options based on your needs, budget, and style, you can easily sort and add the best pieces to elevate your setup.

Contact us via sales@novoxinc.com today to find out how our uniquely designed buffet table top items can help enhance dining experience. Along with our designer, we can discuss and choose our desired custom designer wares that is perfect for your hotel restaurant space.

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