Improving Business Meeting Packages' Service Quality

More and more economies are opening, while more and more businesses are keen on meeting each other or have their employees to see each other face-to-face. As demand for business meetings and events rise, competition for bookings is increasing. Hospitality and hotel establishments should look into improving their meeting packages by improving environmental quality cues on the long-term.

Hospitality Quality Affected by Staffing Shortage

One of the immediate worries for hotel, F&B and venue establishments as economies reopen are the staffing shortage and competitive demand for hotel and hospitality staff. 

According to Statista, roughly 35.3 million jobs were lost during the pandemic year of 2020 in the hospitality and travel industry in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions alone; more than half of the total job lost worldwide.

Many who left the hospitality and hotel sectors due to burnout, fatigue or retrenchment, instead went into retail or healthcare whereby their similar service skill sets are better compensated with other varieties of non-cash perks.  

On top of the mentioned economic trends, labor migration rules were still not totally open between economies due to alignment of vaccination rules and proof of medical status. 

As it looks, staffing shortage is going to be both a near-term and a long-term issue. 

How can hotel or hospitality establishments improve perceived service quality while having staff shortage?

Improving Service Quality with Optimal Staffing

While staff shortage can be complemented with temporary staff to provide for service delivery needs on the short-term. However, planning and coordinating service delivery by temporary staff also creates stress for managers as well as increasing hidden costs and risk if there is service failure due to the lack of time for training or other.

Self-service option for guests is more viable and sustainable, while allowing for guests and hosts to interact with each other, which is one of the objectives for organizing business hosts to hold business meetings and conferences in the first place.

Self-Service and Improved Environmental Cues

While self-service seems like short-changing guests and hosts in terms of service quality, many people missed self-service buffets as they were disallowed during the first 2 years of the pandemic; to hosts and guests, these are social value-adds.

Self-servicing provides more mobility and choice, while enabling interactions between guests and even with key servicing staff such as the chefs, baristas or bartenders.


Innov Beverage Station Nested Buffet Tables Banquet Station BFT-STA-001 Perspective 01

Innov Beverage Station Nested Buffet Tables Banquet Station BFT-STA-001 Perspective 02

Innov™ BFT-STA-001 beverage station with coffee machine, nested buffet tables with desserts and banquet station with snacks selection.

Combining self-servicing into your business meeting packages by investing into designer quality furniture that not only look good for your hotel venue, you can also inspire your guests with designer art pieces or integrate the event space with corporate messaging by hosts.

These would greatly enhance the perceived quality of your hospitality service environment but also provide added opportunities for business meeting hosts to showcase their business communication with their audience and your guests.


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