Must-Have Hotel Lobby Equipment: The Benefits of Signage Stands and Queue Poles

If you're running a hotel, then you know that having good signage and queue poles (or stanchions) are essential. It's not only helpful for guests, but it can also help to manage foot traffic in common areas.  In this blog post, we'll take a look at two types of front office equipment that are popular in the hospitality industry: signage stands and queue poles. We'll discuss the benefits of each and provide some tips on how to choose the right type for your business.

Front Desk Agent Focus on Guest Receptions

Signage stands are an ideal front desk accessory for hotels as they provide a simple way to direct guests and manage front office traffic. Signage stands allow front desk agents to focus on guest reception, providing more attentive service and reducing the amount of time spent on task-oriented tasks. These signage displays can also be used to display promotional messages or special offers that may help increase overall revenue.

Customer Guidance & Queue Management

Queue poles are also a great addition to hotel front desks, as they provide customers with guidance and queue management.

With queue poles, you can clearly define waiting areas, making it easier for front desk agents to manage customer flow in front lobbies. Furthermore, queue poles are a great way to enforce social distancing protocols within your front office.

Choosing the Right Type of Hotel Front Office Furniture

When it comes to choosing front office furniture, there are a few factors that you should consider:

Firstly, think about how much signage or queue management is needed for your front desk. If you have a lot of guests checking in and out daily, then you may need more signage stands or queue poles than if you only serve a small number of customers each day.

Secondly, decide on which type of material would work best for your hotel lobby — stainless steel queue poles with branded posts are popular for hotels wanting to create an elegant front office entrance. Alternatively, plastic signage stands and printed signs can be used in less formal settings.

Finally, consider any additional features that might be beneficial for front office agents, such as LED lighting or electronic displays.

By taking the time to properly research and choose the right front office furniture, you can ensure that your hotel has an efficient and welcoming front desk. Signage stands and queue poles are invaluable pieces of equipment that can help provide a professional front office experience for all guests.

Good signage and queue poles (or stanchions) are necessary for any hospitality business; they help direct guests, manage front office traffic, and enforce social distancing protocols. Signage stands allow front desk agents to focus on guest reception while queue poles provide customers with guidance and queue management.

When it comes to choosing front office furniture, consider the amount of signage or queue management needed, the type of material, and any additional features that might be beneficial. Investing in quality front desk equipment can help create a professional front-office experience for all guests.

Knowing Your Front Office Equipment — Signage Stands

Signage stands are attractive front desk furniture pieces that come in a range of styles, shapes, and sizes. They can be used to display information about the hotel such as opening hours, services, and facilities.

Signage stands also make it easy for customers to find their way around the building. In addition, signage stands are an effective advertising tool for your business and can be used to showcase upcoming events or promotions.

Knowing Your Front Office Equipment — Queue Poles / Stanchions

Queue poles (also known as stanchions) are another popular front desk equipment option for hotels.

Queue poles provide structure and order when managing foot traffic in busy areas such as lobbies and reception desks. They can also be used to create lines or barriers in front of service counters or restaurants to keep guests organized.

Queue poles are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your business.

When deciding which front office equipment to use, it's important to consider factors such as aesthetic appeal and functionality. Signage stands offer an attractive way to display information while queue poles provide structure and organization.

Additionally, it's important to consider the size and layout of your space when choosing the right type of front desk equipment.

Investing in Front Office Furniture

When investing in front office furniture, always remember to choose products that are made from high-quality materials that will withstand regular use. Also, make sure to check if your front desk equipment comes with any warranties or guarantees before purchasing.

Ultimately, signage stands and queue poles are both essential front office equipment for hotels. They can help to create an organized and welcoming environment for guests while also providing useful information about your business. When choosing front office furniture, it's important to consider factors such as size, layout, aesthetics, and functionality to select the right type of front desk equipment that best suits your needs.

With the right front desk furniture pieces, you'll be able to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for guests while ensuring that everyone is safe and secure.

By taking the time to carefully choose the best front office furniture for your hotel, you’ll ensure a positive customer experience from start to finish.

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