Safety Operational Tips for Moving Banquet Tables

Hotel furniture is often moved around to different locations within the property. Whether it's for a banquet, a meeting, or just to make room for housekeeping, knowing how to safely move banquet tables will save time and prevent damage. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips on how to move any banquet table without risking injury or damaging the furniture.

Rolling on Round Banquet Table Edge

When moving around the round banquet table that is up to 80 feet that can accommodate up to 12 guests, the trained hotel banquet staff would roll it on its edge.

This is one of the easiest ways to move and maneuver a round banquet table with a single staff from one point to the other without a banquet trolley in a short time.

Such an operational maneuver would require proper training and guidance by the banquet or F&B manager, however, to ensure smooth and safe setting up or closing operations.

Additional Features for Safety – Quality Banquet Table with Protected Edge

It is best to procure a durable banquet table that has a protected edge, with either a C-clamped aluminum edge banquet table or a T-molded vinyl edge banquet table, with the latter being the best as its vinyl edge elasticity help protect both staff and guests in the event of accidental knocks, decreasing the likelihood of harm to users, or knocking into the backs of banquet chairs.

A banquet table with a protected edge, especially those with a vinyl edge, also reduces the likelihood of marble or stone finished floor getting scratched or damaged while preventing chipping or scratching of the banquet table when it rubs up against something. A chipped banquet table edge also poses a risk of harm to any guest.

Using a Banquet Table Trolley

If you need to move multiple banquet tables over a long distance with minimal staffing, it is best to use a banquet table trolley. This will make it easier to store and move at least 7 banquet tables in one trip on the trolley and straight away move the tables into storage.

Using a Fold and Roll Banquet Table

Another alternative to reducing physical stress upon hotel banquet staff is to procure and operate fold and roll banquet tables that have rubber castor wheels that enable smooth mobility.

This type of banquet table is designed to be easily moved by a single staff and will prevent damage to the furniture and flooring. However, the downside is that it takes up more space for storage.

Hoteliers should also take note that there is a variety of tabletop shapes as well as a variety of tabletop finishing for any banquet table, so do check with the salesperson the banquet table specifications of size, weight capacity, and safety features before procuring them.

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