The Most Popular Banquet Chairs Seen in Singapore

Chairs are an important part of any hotel, restaurant, or MICE venue. They provide comfort and style for guests and create an elegant atmosphere. If you're looking for the most popular banquet chairs seen in Singapore, then you've come to the right place. In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of banquet chairs that are commonly used in function rooms, banquet halls in conference centers or restaurants, and hotel ballrooms throughout Singapore.

Aluminum — The Popular Material for Banquet Chair Frame

For a start, aluminum is the more popular choice of banquet chair frame material for the hospitality industry in Singapore. It is more lightweight and durable compared with the steel banquet chair and easy to move around, making it ideal for commercial use. The aluminum banquet chair is also stackable, which makes it easy to store away when not in use.

The Tiffany Chair — The Stylish Banquet Chair

The Tiffany chair or also known as the Chiavari chair is a classic and popular choice for outdoor weddings or corporate events in Singapore. It has an elegant design that never goes out of style.

Novox Brunch Collection Tiffany Chiavari 889S Banquet Chair

Novox® Brunch Collection 889S Tiffany or Chiavari chair.

The chair's popularity for outdoor use is due to its elegant and sophisticated look and a lack of cushion for its seating, as a chair cushion is optional.

The chair can be customized in various colors to match your event theme or interior decor style.

The spindles on its chair back are often decorated with floral around them by wedding planners, especially for wedding events.

The Standard Restaurant Chair

This standard-looking banquet chair is the typical banquet chair you see in Chinese and Indian restaurants in Singapore.

 Novox Timeless Collection 2141S Banquet Chair

Novox® Timeless Collection 2141S standard restaurant chair.

Just like any banquet chair, it can be colored with powder-coating and can be upholstered with any custom fabric material.

These chairs are stackable and can be loaded onto a banquet trolley for easy storage.

Due to a restaurant’s hectic dining operation of frequent customer turnover, this timeless chair is a wise and durable choice for all F&B occasions’ heavy usage.

The General Conference Chair

This general chair is typically seen in some hotel and meeting venues of the MICE industry in Singapore.

 Novox Timeless Collection 2131CS Banquet Chair

Novox® Timeless Collection 2131CS conference general chair.

Its features are mostly similar to the standard restaurant chairs but with a few differences:

  • the handle on top of the chair back is rounder than bent so that the guest can lay back more comfortably,
  • its seat cushion is usually wider than the seat frame,
  • its seat material is upholstered with premium fabric for better feel and comfort
  • while the chair back support cushion is more protruded to make the guest more back cushioning during long meetings.

The Marseille Chair

This Marseille banquet chair is a contemporary chair seen in dining establishments in Singapore. The chairs feature a high, curved backrest that arch and widen towards the chair's top edge.

 Novox Edge Collection 083S Banquet Chair

Novox® Edge Collection 083S Marseille chair.

In the consumer market, this chair is usually made of wood. However, for hospitality commercial use, the whole chair frame from backrest to legs is made of aluminum and fully powder-coated which makes its structure sturdy and durable, and its finishing lasts longer against scratches.

It also has a gap between the backrest and seating to allow easier cleaning.

The Guest Chair

For tables with only 2 to 4 seating, this guest banquet seat is designed to be more comfortable with more depth in its seat, and a wider backrest equipped with armrests.

This allows guests to sit in for long periods without feeling uncomfortable. The guest chair is also usually upholstered in premium fabric materials for a more luxurious feel. This allows guests to sit in for long periods without feeling uncomfortable.

Novox Edge Collection 926-2AS Banquet Chair

Novox® Edge Collection 926-2AS Banquet Chair.

The guest chair is also usually upholstered in premium fabric materials for a more luxurious feel and is suitable for any business function hall or room that serves buffet line banquet for conferences.

If you are looking for a banquet chair with armrests for your event or hospitality venues, these contemporary banquet chairs might be what you are looking for.

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