Top 6 Damage Indications to Change New Banquet Tables for your Hotel Venue in 2023

The hospitality industry is constantly evolving, and banquet tables are no exception. It is a fact that the product life cycle of any banquet table is expected to become obsolete due to wear and tear, necessitating change for the table. If you're considering purchasing new banquet tables for your business, here are the top 6 damage indications that should signal the need to replace them in 2023.

1. Warping of Banquet Table

Warping of the table surface is a clear indication that it's time to replace your banquet tables in 2023. This can indicate structural damage and could be dangerous for guests if not addressed. This can happen to a banquet table without metal under-structure support, which is less durable.

When you set something on a warped banquet table, it won't stay still or level. This can lead to an awkward movement and setup, and even spills.

Over time, older banquet tables may begin warping in the middle due to exposure to moisture due to natural humidity such as spilled drinks or condensation from cold drinks – or even just general wear and tear from repeated use over many years.

Warping or cracking is one of the earliest signs of wear and tear. If you notice that your existing banquet tables are not staying flat, then it may be a sign that they need to be replaced.

2. Swellings, Bubbles, Cracks, or Splitting on Banquet Table Top

Similar to warping, swellings or bubbles on the table top of a banquet table due to perforation, may introduce water damage and/or be followed by algae growth below the laminate surface of the plywood veneer layer.

This can make the banquet table surface unleveled, making the placement of crockery or items on the banquet table awkward.

Cracks or splittings of laminate may result in cutting injuries upon your operational staff during movement and storage if gloves are not worn. Such seemingly small damages may also result in injuries to your guests if no tablecloth or a thin tablecloth is used.

3. Peeling on Banquet Table Top

Peeling can happen to the banquet table with synthetic leather and sponge table top chosen because of its noise reduction feature.

Peeling can be due to piercing damage during movement or other unintended incidents. This damage can make the banquet table surface unleveled, making the placement of crockery or writing on the table awkward.

This kind of banquet table may require no tablecloth, or simply table skirting for modesty's sake, usually used on the rectangle banquet table as a catering table, or for meeting use in conferences or reception events.

4. Uneven Banquet Table Legs and Feet

A banquet table should always stand flat and level on an even floor surface.

So if the banquet table can no longer be leveled regardless of how much feasible adjustments are made through the table feet screw caps, while there is observable warping or damage on the metal table legs, they are clear signals for change.

5. Banquet Table Leg Rust Damage

Rust damage around the metal leg of the banquet table and feet is a clear indicator of age and the need for replacement. Rust can happen due to moisture from humidity in the air or just simply due to age.

With rust on the legs it may be more difficult to fold or unfold the banquet table for setup move, as well as increase safety risks for the user due to potential cuts.

If you notice rust on your banquet table legs, it's likely time to start looking for a replacement.

6. Banquet Table Edge Damages

The edges of a banquet table can get sheared (if it is a banquet table with an aluminum edge) or its vinyl edge peeled due to operational wear and tear.

The sharp edges of a sheared edge in particular are a cause for concern as it can be dangerous for both your staff and guests during any sort of movement or use.

For the round table, the damaged edge can be hard on the flooring which can result in scratches or other potential damage to your carpet or polished flooring.

If any of these indicators are present when assessing your current banquet table conditions, now is the time to consider replacing them with new models to ensure functionality and attractiveness for 2023 and beyond.

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