Novox Lazy Susan 130L Dining Table Turntable Perspective

Novox Lazy Susan 130L

Lazy Susan Collection

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Delight your guests with our intricately engineered lazy susans, the crowning glory of your banquet setup, serving as stunning dining table turntables. Not just visually appealing, our lazy susans offer an exceptional blend of aesthetics and utility, setting a new benchmark for dining table turntables..

Available Diameters
: 61.0cm
Thickness : 1.2cm
Material : Tempered Glass
Weight : 11kg
Available Base Options

Attached Base (Magnesium)
– Lighter
– Additional support for stability

Detachable Ring

Product Code
: LS-SZ-130L
Country of Origin
: China

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Lazy Susan Base Options
Attached Base Magnesium Detachable
Detachable Ring Aluminum

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