Boost Your Hotel Revenues by Improving In-Room Dining Experience

As most leisure travel flights are almost completely stopped, many hotels around the world are still struggling with COVID-19 crisis within their own countries due to the lack of overseas travelers. Hotels are offering staycations for their domestic demand as substitutions for people's yearnings to travel aboard. To improve revenue channels, hotels should also take the opportunity to market and improve their in-room dining options and encourage bed & breakfast, lunch, dinner or even supper.

People Are Willing to Pay for Good Brand and Good Food

Grounded airlines are innovating and are willing to try novel ways in search of new revenues. Since inflight dining and inflight merchandise had always been part of the flight experience. Grounded airlines are now offering dining experiences either in their planes or their airport lounge to provide the similar culinary experience they may have just like they are on a flight.

For example, Singapore Airline had used 2 of its grounded Airbus A380 super-jumbo passenger planes to sell their Business Class Selection lunches to boost revenue. They were sold out in 30 minutes. Consider the fact that an A380 had about 400 plus seats (maybe half that amount for social or safe distancing measures) and meals for suites selling at S$642 (US$474), while seats in business class are going for S$321, S$96.30 for premium economy and S$53.50 for economy; the revenue potential seems modest and decent.

Novox Room Service Tri-Fold Trolley with Novox Electric Food Warmer Inflight

Same same, but different? (That's Novox® Room Service Tri-Fold Trolley with Novox® Electric Food Warmer by the way.)

An "Age-Old" Room Service — A Little History of Bed & Breakfast

Possibility one of the first hospitality service in human history, the bed and breakfast (B&B) concept has been around since the beginning of classic civilization. It was normal for country travelers to stay in private homes at the hospitality of homeowners who are usually acquainted.

Such informal “home away from home” but social arrangements slowly evolved into a more commercial setting whereby tourists or country travelers from afar would rent vacant rooms for the night and be served with breakfast, becoming one of first form of hospitality — the room service. The term "bed and breakfast" were from British Isles and the B & B concept was eventually adopted by inns and commercial hotels to increase the value proposition to their guests.

Going Back to Value-Added Hospitality Service Had Begun — The Room Service

With the COVID-19 crisis predicted to be prolonged from 2 to 3 years, staycations will only become popular as the new normal of this crisis period. And instead of short staycations, eventually staycations may become longer in terms of the number of nights people are staying, simply because people wanted to to be away from their work from home.

Since B&B has always part of “home away from home” culture, room service improvement should become part of your staycation offers whereby local tourism of attractions and activities and homely atmosphere are appreciated and included in your staycation packages.

Putting Unused Capacity from Restaurants into the Room Service

In Singapore, where Novox Inc.'s global headquarters is based, due to the low number of community cases, Singapore felt safer compare with many other countries.

However, hotels' restaurants seating capacity are still limited and therefore limited the potential of restaurants’ F&B revenues. Room service with excellent in-room dining experience can boost capacity not only for food items or F&B packages sales, it would also improve the operational productivity of the restaurant kitchen.

Novox® Room Service Trolley with Novox® Electric Food Warmer

Consider our Novox® Room Service Tri-Fold Trolley with Novox® Electric Food Warmer for quality room service experience for your guest today.

Our Novox® Electric Food Warmer is light-weight and is arguably the lightest weight among its kind. Food does not get overcooked or dry out easily. Guests can now enjoy their food fresh and hot just like dining in the restaurant. It is durably built with double-wall construction as a whole, which not only keeps the food warm but prevents the exterior of the warmer box from becoming too hot for handling. It also have a highly visible digital temperature display to see its current temperature within the food warmer and you would also be able to set the lowest and highest temperatures inside the food warmer.


Novox Food Warmer

Lightweight Novox® Electric Food Warmer with Digital Temperature Display and 4 Shelves

Creating new and improved experiences and culinary products for your guests is an essential part of your service brand. Innovate and improve existing services and transferring productivity capacities to other service channels including your in-room services are your key to boosting new revenues and improving your hotel brand image.


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